The Inspiration Behind our Brand

The story of Two Cool Catz™ begins in the early quiet hours of every morning, when the whir of a conical burr grinder brings forth the sweet aromas of pure, fresh roasted coffee beans into the air...

Two cool cats scamper down the stairs and into the kitchen to join the morning ritual. Within minutes of settling down with your first cup of freshly brewed organic Specialty Grade coffee, Milo and Truman are with you, playfully wrestling with each other and ready to chat it up.

Truman - a twelve-year old Burmese. A wise old sage. His quiet demeanor, distinctive chirp and striking eyes will lay bare your soul.

Truman is a Burmese 

Milo - a four-year old Bombay.  One heck of a conversationalist – Milo will move you to take stock in the simplicity of living in the moment.

Hanging out and enjoying a cup of coffee with two awesome cats, Truman & Milo, inspired this brand and we hope to inspire you to connect over a cup of coffee with the favorite “Cool Catz” in your life.

 Two Cool Catz - Truman & Milo

Enjoy the conversation, the contemplative musings and the rich flavor of these inspired coffee roasts with the "Cool Catz" in your life.